When a married couple is looking to get divorced, there are a number of issues that need to be resolved, in order for both parties to move forward in life separate from one another. Separating the marital assets, agreeing on custody arrangements for the children, and figuring out any alimony payments, are just a few of the many topics that will need to be discussed. If you want more control over your future then working towards a settlement with your spouse is a great way to accomplish that.
A Marital Separation Agreement is the legal document that formalizes the decisions that both spouses agree to regarding all of details of their separation. Drafting a Marital Separation Agreement can be complicated, and the impact on your life can be dramatic. Having an experienced attorney by your side through this process is a must, since the attorney can help negotiate for the terms that you would prefer, and to draft the document in a clear, concise and legally binding fashion.
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A Prenuptial Agreement is a contract that protects parties entering into a marriage from any variety of potential problems should the marriage come to an end. The agreements can address issues such as alimony, retirement funds, and the division of marital property. A prenuptial agreement, as indicated by its title, must be agreed to and signed by the parties before they are legally married. They are not mandatory, and not every couple choses to sign such an agreement, but for some couples a prenuptial agreement is a must.

Although a new marriage is exciting, taking the time to protect your assets before legally binding your lives together is often times a prudent and responsible choice. The attorneys here at the Law Offices of Kerri Cohen can help you and your future spouse with this important document. Give us a call today to get started in so that you can begin the rest of your life as soon as possible.

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