COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

During the past two weeks we have had numerous calls about the uncertainly COVID-19 is causing in our community.  We compiled a list of the most common questions asked of us to hopefully assist you in this time of need. Please remember that this is not legal advice and if you have questions about your specific legal issues, contact our office to schedule a consultation.

  1. Are the Courts open?

The courts are not open to the public but are operating at a limited capacity.

  1. What about my hearing scheduled this month?

You should contact your attorney directly about your specific court date. Currently, with a few exceptions, hearings scheduled through May 1, 2020 have been postponed. You will receive a new hearing date. The courts are still hearing the following cases:

In the Circuit Courts:

(A) bail reviews/bench warrants

(B) arraignments for detained defendants

(C) juvenile detention hearings

(D) emergency evaluation petitions

(E) quarantine and isolation petitions

(F) extradition cases

(G) body attachments

(H) extreme risk protective order appeals

In the District Court:

(A) bail reviews/bench warrants

(B) emergency evaluation petitions

(C) quarantine and isolation violations

(D) body attachments.

The full order addressing this issue can be accessed here.  This information is changing daily, and we will update accordingly.

  1. Is my Court Order still effective with the courts closed?

Yes. If you have a signed Order regarding from the Court regarding custody and/or child support, the court’s closure has no effect on that.

  1. What is happening with my case if the courts are closed?

Please contact your attorney for specific details about the status of your case. Generally, cases are still moving through the courts. The clerks are still accepting and processing pleadings and motions, hearings and conferences are being held electronically when possible, and with the exception of actual in-court appearances, business is as usual.

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