When going through a separation or divorce, clear headed thinking and decision making often takes a back seat. You can end up making the wrong decisions and ultimately end up with the wrong lawyer, all for an urgent desire to end the whole ordeal quickly. This will often have the opposite effect.

What you need to do is, and it is easier said than done, is realize that this is not a quick process and decide what kind of attorney you want advising you. With that thought in mind, it will be clearer to you that the selection of your divorce attorney is more crucial. It should take priority over everything else because this will be the person who helps you through the process of your case from beginning until the end.   The thing you have to keep in mind is that you can never predict how long the case will take and if an attorney promises you a specific end date or cost, you should be suspicious.

You should decide if you need your attorney to be compassionate to understand your stress and give you guidance accordingly.  There are many important things in deciding your divorce attorney and when interviewing attorneys you should evaluate if your personality clicks, is this a person you can trust to meet your needs and give you their time and attention.

Unfortunately, if people do not take care in this critical decison, they end up changing their attorneys during their divorce because they don’t get the aforementioned qualities in an attorney.  Changing lawyers halfway is costly, but it should not come as a surprise that most attorneys get cases that were first handled by another attorney.

This is what you need to do to avoid making the wrong choice when it comes to hiring best family law attorney. Make the decision early to hire a divorce attorney as oppose to in a high pressure situation.  Otherwise, you might make the wrong decision because your selection may be driven by which attorney you get easily. There is no substitute for word of mouth referrals and looking at reviews. Reaching out to trusted sources to make a decision will always help you choose the best divorce attorney because you can have someone who has gone through the process with the attorney and their recommendation means way more than googling “best divorce attorney.”

Always go for a specialist, because a specialized divorce attorney can properly asses your situation and have the most relevant knowledge to handle your case.