As a native of Baltimore, Maryland, Attorney Cohen has been practicing here for over 20 years and established this private practice after working for 11 years for the State of Maryland in Baltimore City at the Office of the Public Defender as an experienced criminal defense trial attorney. She represented clients charged with serious felonies such as homicide, rape, robbery and drug charges among other crimes. Attorney Cohen has tried hundreds of cases before Judges and Juries in the Circuit Court, District Court and Juvenile Courts.

Attorney Cohen graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Arizona in 1998 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and English. Following graduation, she moved back to the Baltimore area and attended Law School at the University of Baltimore. She obtained her Law Degree in 2001 and gained hands-on experience while in law school working with the Family Law Clinic and also received her Certificate in Mediation. After graduation and awaiting the results of the Bar Exam, Attorney Cohen worked for the Honorable Judge John Philip Miller as a Law Clerk in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City. During her clerkship, Judge Miller handled one term of Family Law and one term in the Misdemeanor Jury Trial Courts. Clerking for the Judge is where her interest peaked in Family Law and Criminal Defense.

Attorney Cohen was admitted to the Bar in December 2001 and after her Judicial Clerkship, she was hired by The Law Offices of Mead & Flynn to head their Family Law Division. After a year, she entered public service for the State of Maryland and the Office of the Public Defender where she stayed for over 11 years until opening this firm in 2014.


Attorney Stackowitz provides compassionate and skilled legal representation to our clients. She is extremely knowledgeable, meticulous in her attention to details and able to achieve successful outcomes. Attorney Stackowitz graduated from George Washington University Law School where she increased her practical experience in the Family Law Clinic where she worked with clients in Court representing them as a Law Student.

Also a native of Baltimore, Maryland, Attorney Stackowitz earned her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland in 2012. Following graduation, she attended Law School in D.C. and then moved back to Baltimore to practice in her home state. After graduation and while awaiting the results of the Bar Exam, Attorney Stackowitz worked as a contractor for the Animal Legal Defense in 2014. She continues to assist in conducting legal research with respect to animal cruelty violations in various states. Attorney Stackowitz has also served as a Law Clerk for the Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Baltimore City Office of Public Defender where she assisted in preparing motions, evaluating evidence and attending Court. She was also an Intern in the Maryland Public Service Commission in 2013. Attorney Stackowitz has a passion to fight for those who are not able to do it themselves.

Prior to her pursuit of her legal career, Attorney Stackowitz started in the Maryland Army National Guard as a Human Intelligence Collector for several years where she conducted tactical human intelligence collection operations including debriefings, interrogations, and elicitation. She was deployed to Kosovo and worked there as a member of a multi-ethic human intelligence team to conduct source operations and prepare intelligence reports. Additionally, she worked as a Paralegal Specialist in Military Justice in Seoul, Korea for a year in 2010 with the Eighth Army courts-martial and was responsible for preparing documents and other actions in support of the 65th Military Brigade to include supervising the preparation of courts-martial records, board proceedings, preliminary hearings, and investigations.

Attorney Stackowitz was admitted to the Bar in 2016 and we are so pleased that she chose our firm to join us in advocating for our clients because she is dedicated to her clients and she is able to assist with compassion.

Maverick Investigation Services

Maverick Investigations is a critical member of our team. We are able to achieve success for our clients because of their ability to locate and investigate individuals.  Maverick is extremely reliable and always there to serve our paperwork, interview witnesses, gather information or conduct surveillance. Investigation services are essential and vital to our client’s cases. We can’t thank Maverick enough for the services they regularly and consistently provide to us. We also love the fact that a portion of their profits go to Autism Speaks.

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